Friday, January 13, 2017

Campaign for cycling. Save Environment and Save yourself.

Selfy with cycle


Friday, January 6, 2017

Awareness about cycling. Challenge accepted by friends. ..

Campaign for cycling to reduce pollution and save environment and save yourself...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Campaign for cycling. Save Environment and Save yourself.

Dear friends, the campaign start by me of cycling to save environment and get fitness ourself is on boom. Many friends ,colleague are appreciating me by calls,and by social media. And joining this in a high volume with a rapid speed.
Also some unknown person ,contact me and share there views about this programs.
Now , I am explaining, why is it necessary??
A 100cc bike releases 23.25g/km Carbon dioxide quantity,And it becomes more toxic when we calculate for week/month/year. If we use this bike for approx. 1000 km/month ,and 12000 km for a year,we releases carbon dioxide approx 279kg in a year. 1000-1600cc cars releases 5times more than bike. Now ,i am discussing only about carbon dioxide ,many pollutants released with this during emission.
And the facts ,which surprised me is that a tree can absorb only 21.744 kg/year amount of carbon dioxide. It means 13 tree require to absorb the same amount of emission which released by a 100 cc bike,and 65 trees will require to an amount of a car.
And one more fact,how many tree,we planted in our life. A tree can absorb only 1 ton carbon dioxide in 40 years of life.
A research is published by University of leeds in 2011,that only 40% carbon dioxide absorbed by all tree against man made .
If one bike is on road for a single day for 30km,it needs to work by a tree for 30 days.
I am working with JSL HISAR, I am requesting to all colleague to use cycle  at least one day in week/month/year so we can contribute for our humanity.? 
Many people are coming with me ,and i heartly thankful to all of them to support and motivate to me for this noble work..
In last day ,many friend send me photographs using cycle in market and offices,i also shared this on my Facebook account..
Amandeep Malik
Pls send me more ,more and more suggest ,photographs to me to expand this campaign to a wide area...
Next generation will be thankful to all of us...
Amandeep Malik

Friday, December 30, 2016

BHIM app for money transfer

Today PM Narendra Modi launch a mobile app Bhim to increase the use of cashless transaction.It is a UPI based app.UPI stands for Unified Payment Technique .It works for transfer money from one account to others.
BHIM stands for Bharat interface for money.
It will work without internet connection with thumb.
Now your bank is in hand,or we can say that is in my thumb.
In this app, register your bank account with BHIM app and a PIN (UPI) to be set for account.
By this we can check our balance and details of latest transaction.
We can send or receive money with BHIM APP. In this maximum limit is set is 24000/day. App is available in 2 language now that is Hindi and English. I believe it is good start towards cashless India.

Requirement of Teacher for Free Coaching centre RakhiGarhi

Well qualified teacher requirement...At Rakhi garhi, Free Coaching Centre,
for HSSC, SSC.

1. Math,
2. General Aptitude,
3. English,
4. General Awareness, current affairs.
5. Hindi.

Share your CV on
Mob. 9729444655, 8295544229

for more update visit on

Free Coaching Center

Education and guidance is very necessary for rural are student , who are facing many problem and hesitation to start education or career. Many time they choose any  stream without knowledge about it.
For solution of this, we are going to start a Coaching and Guidance center at World Heritage Village Rakhi garhi,which will provide free coaching for SSC, HSSC, UPSC, and other entrance exam.We will also provide guideline for career and higher studies for poor and rural area student.
It will start work 2nd week of January 2017.