Monday, January 30, 2017

Master Mind of 26/11 Mumbai Attack arrested in Pakistan under pressure of MODI & Trumph ,

Master Mind of Mumbai attack 26/11 , Hafiz Sayeed arrested in Pakistan. According to news channel of Pakistan, It is acted under the pressure of International community.Some leader of Pakistan says that , It is acted under the pressure of America , Whenever Mr Trump ,President of America , act on Muslim countries , he may ban Pakistan also.So for defending theirself, Pakistan arrested him and take away at a hidden place.Pakistan took saeed under observance from 2010.USA declared a One Crore Dollar prize for that person , who gave information about Sayeed. India and USA declared sayeed , master mind of Mumbai Attack. USA also said to Pakistan earlier, You should take action on Sayeed otherwise ready for economic ban. In this pressure Pakistan take this action. India will hope now to Pakistan to punish Sayeed.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

FIR Against Social Trade frauder companies

Social trade biz run away after got a collection of many crore rupees...In Muradnagar ,crowd reported FIR Against social trade biz officers, It was a hunney trap of fast and multiplie income...

Friday, January 27, 2017

Online Scam i.e. Social Trade , MMM India, Speak Asia. How, they cheat??

Now-a-days, many chit fund and fraud companies are working in society.It robs money from peoples and enjoy. Some times ago Speak Asia and didideal2u were invites to people for investment and earn a lot, after some it run away. Now a social trade biz is working as it as. They invite people to earn a lot of money by clicking ads.When I saw this and investigate about it at my personal level, I found that It tells to public invest 50000+ INR to registration and then earn per day by clicking ads on sites. When I go to that link I saw many links of the Facebook account, where till now no ads are published ,How they can earn a lot from this which will share to registered persons as their income or commission. Which I read about it , I am sharing with you. The digital marketing perspon of these companies are same which was a part of other corrupted companies which run away already in past. First of all they are responsible for this crime who prompt this and work for this at initial stage. I talk with a man who says that thisa is our business, We start a group and earn a lot till it run away. Lets try to understand about this. suppose anyone who have a company like this , earn a 5000 crore and run away, then he will introduce a new earning plan with a new companies and join people with a little investment from this 5000 crore. Initially he pays from this amount and then will generate a chain by registering other person. In start 1 person after 1 month 10 person After one more month 100 person In 3rd month 1000 person Inb 4th person 10000 person In 5th month 100000 person In 6th month 1000000 person In 7th month 10000000 person and 50,000 INR per person , will convert this in a huge amount of 500,000,000,000 INR which will become 5000 crore in just 7 month and if it run in long time how much can loss to public it is impossible to calculate. So pls aware from this type of fraund. Share to other person to aware them..

Monday, January 23, 2017

Campaign of cycling

#save_environment #save_yourself #gogreenbycycling
2 more person support our campaign, Total 24 pic shared by them , and many people motivated and start walking and cycling 
Thanks all of them for supporting us and become the member of cycle club..
Cycling keeps u away from several bone problem i.e disk slip, back pain,neck pain,joint pain and improve your immune system.... In 2014 , according to studies of California University on 200 people , it is observed that they feel much relax after cycling of 4 km,
Share and tag those frnds to whom u want to join this campaign...
A short cycle rally/merathan will be organised soon in our Organisation JINDAL STAINLESS LTD, HISAR ..
Dear all Jindalite, Please be a part of this noble cause...
For more information whatsapp on 8295544229

Friday, January 13, 2017

Campaign for cycling. Save Environment and Save yourself.

Selfy with cycle


Friday, January 6, 2017

Awareness about cycling. Challenge accepted by friends. ..

Campaign for cycling to reduce pollution and save environment and save yourself...